Mastering the Nonverbal Language: The Ultimate Skill

Once upon a time, I was saying a long time ago, before the creation of language do you think about how people used to communicate? How do they express their feelings to their loved ones? How do they ask for food when they are hungry? And how do they get cautious from their predators?
Here, Body language played a major role and helped humans in the stages of evolution. Usage of body language is the mother of all other languages that we are used to speaking all over the world.

Some signals are universal and everyone in this world understands that a smile depicts happiness and crying explains one’s pain and sadness.
Body language is the span of non verbal communication and one can use it to express their feelings and intentions. This includes facial expression, gestures, postures, hand and leg movements. If an individual is good at understanding one’s body language he or she can become versatile in communication. What to believe and what to not believe when a person communicates depends on the way that person reacts or communicates.
To draw a proper conclusion we need to have a careful look at their body language along with their verbal words. This body language can reveal what is there in his or her mind.

The most common gesture we are using all over the world is shaking hands. This handshaking custom varies from one country to another. Some experts say that the handshaking style explains one’s character and attitude towards others. According to body language experts, handshakes show three basic attitudes : dominance, submission and equality.
Eyes are considered as the most important organ in our body as well as an organ that plays a very big role in body language. Experts says that some traders, businessmen, prostitutes and gamblers are in the habit of using their eye to achieve more benefits. When we look into some one’s eyes and he or she too does the same, a better and healthy communication happens.
Smile – According to British research smile has nine types, three of which are very common: simple, upper and broad smiles. Smiling acts as a key to break the ice between two people and helps to initiate conversation.

Understanding attitudes through body gestures
While talking to your friend or colleague it is important to get to know whether they are enjoying your talk or showing interest or they are actually getting bored. Sometimes it happens that a listener is looking in your eyes but actually his mind is lost in some other thoughts far away from talk. In those times you can check by simply asking him or her something related to your talk.
The blank stare
In this you may think that the person is listening to you as he or she seems like looking into your eyes. But actually he or she is sleeping with eyes open or they may have parallel thinking while you talk. Simple trick to understand these kinds of gestures is to check whether their eyes blinks, if so we can get to know them or actually listen or not.
There are many other gestures that indicate extreme boredom, like checking their wrist watch, nail bites or showing the signs of hunger, thirst, or being uncomfortable.
During a discussion we often see a person moving closer to show his or her acceptance and in some cases by touching gently to show their acceptance towards what the speaker says.
Touching gestures
Through touching one will express their emotions to those who are close to them. If a person wants to stop the conversation they are supposed to touch the person who speaks. Touching others or grasping their hands may indicate that he or she tends to make sense over some specific point.
It also pertains to expressing the sense of happiness and consolation.

As a conclusion we get to know how the concept of body language plays a major role in each and every individual’s life. So, go stand in front of the mirror and appreciate your good body language and make some improvement to make an impression.


The Root cause of Young Adult Mental Health Issues- Self esteem

Definitely you have heard about self-esteem. But do you aware that low self-esteem causes mental health issues? If not then do keep reading

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is that how much value we give to ourselves ( our thoughts, actions, opinion, space, liking, disliking, ability, capability, belief, possibilities, strength etc) 

People with low self-esteem won’t live their life, they let others live in their body. If you are following others thoughts, opinion and actions it is not you living in your body it is them living in your body in the name of you. 

Everyone is capable of everything, everyone in this world is like others, no one is higher or lower than the other. If someone is capable of achieving something, you are also capable of that. In this world, nothing created, especially for someone. The creation is equal to everyone, it is about you that you want that or not.

If you have low self-esteem you will not believe yourself, if you don’t believe yourself you get acquired with fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of negativity, fear of criticism, fear of everything it goes on. At the end you will dumped with fear which will reflect in every activities that you do. These fears not abruptly disturbs you, it will gradually gets its gain. It starts from feeling of regret or guilt for saying or doing something because someone have commented or criticized. At first these matters are considered small and left with sad feeling, in later life it will shows a great impact.

Low self-esteem causes doubt in self, if you have self-doubt anyone can use you and do want ever they want. Most people around the world don’t encourage others to have good self-esteem why is that because only if you self-doubt, you will

  • Obey others even for wrongs things
  • Fall into the trap of religion
  • Buy everything that brands advertise even though you don’t need than
  • obey whatever the rules blindly
  • Don’t voice against inhumanisty
  • Be a slave to others

People with self-esteem will have standards, goals, he won’t be a follower, instead he will be a leader.

What leads to low self-esteem?

If you starts to keep on hearing everyone opinions without having any opinion for yourself. These cultural, religious and governmental acts mess with our opinion system system if we truly doesn’t know anything about that. Those 3 groups don’t want others to have opinion so that they can live imposing their thoughts on you.If you keep on hearing them you will lose your sense of self, because people can saying anything to their benefit and there are billions of people around the world, if you start to hear others opinion then you are messing with your life. 

Another one of the main factor that cause low self-esteem is Intrusive negative thoughts.

You have to create your own opinion for yourself it will only save you, add love to your opinion, then your life would blossom.