I found a new way to live for 720 years- Life saga

Do you have the desire for living longer period? Have you ever taught of living beyond the limit? If yes this Life saga will help you. What this article is going to provide is not something magical but practically it is possible if we alter the human inventions according to our needs and wishes.

We know how clock and calender works. It is simply said that 24 hours is a day which is the time taken for earth to revolve around itself and a year is calculated on a bases of time taken for earth to complete its one rotation around the earth. It is simple and we know that but the problem here is this day and year calculations has some perceptual illusion because of which the time lost its value for many of the people around the world

If something is in demand, then we give attention and it will be given first priority, simply the value increases. As there is 24hrs in a day, the time we spent for watching tv, playing games, sleeping, etc are not taken into account, we easily say it as a timepass, as we doesn’t value our time, we need some elements to pass it. But if we implement this stratergy in our own life, then we can bring changes personally. If you ask me, if it is possible for every to implement, I will not say that, but for people who need change in their life is possible.

Each month can be calculated as a YEAR

Each week can be calculated as a MONTH

Each day can be calculated as a WEEK

And Each Week will only have 4 DAYS

You may feel like what the hell I’m talking about, but for somet people it looks interesting right. Usually for a product to be sold, we used to create a hype and demand. The same thing can be applied for time also. We usually then to look at a day in bases of how much time is left likewise for a year, and we would evaluate our work, process, achievements are all based on the year. If we reduce the time into much shorter period then it would be given much care. For example if you think you are sleeping through out a day then you would be like I have already spent a day in sleeping so the next day I will spend it effectively

Changing your PERCEPTION, has a greater impact on the life that you live

Let me explain this theory briefly, We gonna do a new calculation. In here every 6 hours is going to considered a day. So 24 hrs will be divided into 4 segments. For the first 12 hrs which is of 2 days, so you will be working for 2 days continously and the another 6 hours which is your next day will be especially for your friends and family and the last day of the week which is especially for you, for your own health in which you will take rest, sleep.

So a week will be a complete of a mixture of spending time for your professional life, social life, personal life. A distinct life is created. Now each and every minute will be counted as because what you do on a particular day is matter, as because we have lots of days, we tend to give less importance. It can be said in other words that when you know how many days you gonna live in this earth, after that you will cherish each and every moment.

There arise a question, if there are more years to live, then why do I mind wasting the time that I have. The thing is we all conditioned to giving importance to a year than a day, it can said like a mind-game, to shift the focus to important things.

Is it is so how do we celebrate the festivals and birthdays? As many of the functions are based on astrology, it will be celebrated in between 12 years, as like a leap year for example.

The concepts behind festivals is to celebrate and be happy, considering that we start to create celebrations in each and every day

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