Is that really opposites attracts? Personality Psychology

Many of us come to believe that + and – attract after studying physics.

But is that also true for humans?

The idea that opposites attract in terms of human beings refers to the fact that when people lack something, they tend to keep on trying it or try to learn it from their partner, who is well versed in doing the thing that the other person can’t.

Despite the fact that this topic has received mixed reviews, in day-to-day life, we are used to approaching people who are completely opposite to our tastes, emotions, and feelings.

In some circumstances, it goes like a dream, but in some cases, it becomes troublesome.

The fact that opposites really do attract depends upon how well they understand each other’s desires, feelings, needs, and wishes.

In my case, I used to be much more emotional and more spontaneous in expressing what I felt, but my partner, who is opposite to me, is one who is more patient, practical, and occasionally expressive. When I was angry or sad, my partner would show subtle expressions with few words and facial reactions most of the time. 

During those times, I used to be very offensive and cry a lot to get his attention. But later, when I’m alone, remembering what I’d done makes me so sad that I stab him with a variety of emotional weapons that he can’t stand. 

My partner avoids fights in order to be happy and enjoy the moment, whereas I am a little messy and a drama queen with an overwhelming emotional appetite for fights. 

In the end, though, I understood that I need some time before I can approach him and express my regret for what I had done.  he also comes around and accepts and gets me, and that’s how we used to reconnect.

The information above is about my experience, but it’s crucial to remember that research on the subject is conflicting and that there isn’t much proof that opposites attract.

Beyond the preceding, the long-term success of a relationship is frequently dependent more on the two individuals sharing their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and desires.

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