“Hearing with the Heart: The True sign of Love”

Listening is one of the beautiful forms of communication. If listening is not done properly it may supposed to misinterpretation in communication. Hearing is the physical process of the body where Listening is the process that should be done with more consciousness with the help of both physical and mental processes.

Listening to your loved ones is very much important in being in any kind of relationship. One of the best way to be a good partner is to have a good kind of communication. This kind of communication gives fulfillment only when both the people who are in the relationship listen to each other in an active way.

I am a person who speaks more, this is both my strength as well as my weakness sometimes. I usually used to listen carefully but my brain thinks parallelly about what should I ask or speak to the opposite person after he/she completing the sentences or in between in an annoying way. This sometimes creates a lots of trouble while communicating with my loved ones who wants to share their thoughts and feelings with me.

In order to avoid these kinds of moments I started to think about what made me not to listen properly and at last I got to know that listening is not just a skill for communication, It is a form of love – that’s what our loved ones need from us.

Here are some of the tips to listen your loved ones in a better way.

Avoid using mobile phone

In order to make better listening you should avoid using mobile phone. It shows your respect for your loved one’s and make them to know that both your ears as well as your heart are open to listen them. This make them to feel more comfortable with what they are sharing and it helps to increase intimacy.

Don’t Do Multitasking

When are need to be listened your only task should be listening not just any other thing. In order to completely understand your loved ones you should always make yourself listening without doing any other kind of the tasks. Though you are very good at multitasking do it for other productive events rather than while listening to your loved ones. When you are in person keep eye contact when they talk and show your body posture in a welcoming way to make them feel that they are listened.

Don’t interrupt

Another important thing that should be followed to become a better listener is to never interrupt when one talking. Listen to what they are talking and keep on listening until they stop sharing and than talk if you wanted to ask or talk to them. Here you should give much more importance what your loved ones are saying rather than what you are speaking or replying back to them.

Maintain eye contact

As a good listener it is important to make eye contact. It delivers the message that you are concerned over what they are saying and it also makes some positive impression. You don’t need to stare at them continuously all you need to give them is a casual eye contact with some concern and passion to listen.

Make Notes of Hints

In some times, you may not be able to remember what all your loved one says in that case, it is good to have a habit of taking notes about the important reminders of them. It is also helpful in analyzing the causes for their emotional imbalances, life problems and to find out coping up strategies.

Show enthusiasm

Though your partner is in good mood or in bad. The interest shown by you makes them to feel better and more comfortable to express more. Showing enthusiasm is one of the love languages in communication, where you shows that you are welcoming in nature to accept what your partner says and tries to share.

Be patient

It is an important key concept that should be followed when some one speaks. It shows how gentle you are in listening towards your loved ones. Don’t try to interrupt or give suggestion or try to give them with advice when they are not in the need. If they want any of the above they will ask you. The only thing you should do is to listen to them. Anybody can give them lots of advice but make remember that you are the only one who are there to listen your loved one.

Listen and take it into heart

While listening you are not only listening rather than sending those things into your heart. You will be more concerned when you start to think that those words are from your loved one.

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