The Powerful Weapon of the Warrior – FAILURE

Life is a war zone. Each and everyone surviving here are the warriors who are fighting against life in order to live a peaceful, happy and successful lifestyle.

Life is full of ups and downs where the warriors are trained to accept both as a same to go higher and higher. In everyone’s life, one moment there was a magic, the next the feel of utter hopelessness and this feeling came as a big shock for most of us.

If you are not able to do something at your first attempt, you can try again and things also tends to workout on behalf of you. Life is beautiful and terrifying at the same time. sometimes we can feel so high, we can touch anything. Other times it brings us low down to the ground.


failure inspires

As Rudyard Kipling says we should treat both triumph and disaster as the same. We should keep on working towards our destiny without being broken if in case you should also remember that “Even broken crayons still colors“.

Being successful is very important in everyone’s life and it is desirable one for everyone in their lives. It starts from the childhood and expands till death whatever the situation is and whomever we are. If in case, we faced with unsuccessful moment we start to feel demotivated, worthless and degraded. It happens in everyone’s life, but remember most of the iconic personalities in this world is once who faced the drastic failure in their life. 

They are the warriors who used failure as their weapon to succeed in their lives. There are lots and lots of living examples are their in our society, by not mentioning each we should get to know about the potential they had to get back from their fall in their lives.



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