Understand the Trap that you live in- Life’s Powerful trap

The trap that I speak here is not something physical, purely a psychology one, and it is a powerful hence more 98% of the earth’s human population is in it. The trap that humans have created for themselves. What I’m going to speak in this blog is about your everyday life!

You might have heard about matrix, but it is on the whole new upper level, but the thing that now I’m going to speak is simpler than that.

Starting from birth to death, we are made to follow a pattern, there is always a system exist. In olden days there will be a dictator, now it is democracy but people’s life has not changed. If you think deep down then you can realize that you doesn’t have freedom. But freedom is possible if you break the system. Wait, I will explain you in simpler terms

Once we attain certain age, you are sent to school, after which college, then till death you will be working. You may think that you ancestors are not idiot and there is a cause and purpose for all these things, Yes, defenitely there is a purpose, but purpose is man made things, you can create purpose as you like.

When you are in the cycle, you tend to think like it is the world, and nothing else is matter, for which you even go to an extent to risk everything starting from your health, realationships, peace, love but this all for just a good name in your school, in your college, in your work place, and sometimes you feel it was worth sacrificing. But very lately you will realise that all your efforts are for nothing.

If you get conditioned being a slave, then for all your life time you will be a slave without realizing that you are a slave. Why you need to fear of your manager? why you need to fear of your boss, why you need to fear of your teacher? Is that because they can expell you from the office, from the college? Once you get into these cycles it will start spining, and it will demand your time, peace, effort, your life and you go on work for it. At the end you will feel like you haven’t lived your life.

The more you are away from the system, the more you have time to live your life as you like, it is not neccessary, to earn, to make your living, you have to fall into such traps.

The system is still functioning and the major reason behind is, people who are at higher powers get benefited from it. Only if the schools create an employee, the company gets workers. Only if your lifestlye get worse, they can able to sell your products

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