Mind- Mastrubation- an exciting phenomenon

Do you imagine yourself being in a position where you have been misunderstood for that you feel pity on yourself and sorry on yourself and feeling sad about yourself?

As human beings, we unconsciously fel good if someone feel sorry for us. You can feel this when you are with kids, if you doesn’t show sympathy for the event that happened they feel sad, but if you show sympathy they feel good and will leave that matter aside.

Mind- Mastrubation is nothing but you voluntarily create scenarios within you mind and keep on feeling sad about yourself so that you can feel good.

Self stimulations have been recently increased so much that whatever the feel we want can be artificially stimulated.

These types of activities are causing hormonal addiction. People purposefully want the hormones to be secreted in their brain

These hormonal addictions are so strong and that are easily be stimulated, people tend to do it whenever possible like while bathing, eating, reading, while watching tv, pooping, on travel.

It won’t affect anyone in any case. The person who are doing it will get affected really bad, because of which the people who are in close relationship with that person also get affected.

This person won’t go out frequently, won’t spend time with friends and family members.

The main point to be noted is that they won’t THINK, because in thinking time they just do the imagination, these imaginations are so good that even if they try to stop, they will not be do it so.

How to Prevent Mind Mastrubation 

  1.  Don’t expect anything from anyone
  2. Remember one day you will receive lots of love
  3. You can feel good by experiencing positive emotions
  4. Try to build a real life moments
  5. Keep in mind, the more time you spend in imagination the more hell you need to face in real life


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