Actually it is not good to ‘Mastrubate’

In many article you can come across that mastrubation does not affect your body, but it is not true, it will affect you in later part of the life.

Mainly adolescents who are unmarried will mastrubate to have self pleasure both men and women. Men will have ejaculation of semen and women will have vaginal fluid. Mastrubating is not a natural process it affect your body when you do it artificially.

Mastrubation is the artificial way of stimulating your body and mood when the actual need is not present. Mastrubation is also called having self sex, people enjoy themselves when they cannot have the actual sex.

When people starts to mastrubate the usually do daily and do more than a limit, if it is sex there is a limit that your partner should accept and they should be interested in it. Usually when you have heavy sex without proper food, your health condition will starts to decline. If you are about to mastrubate you have to take proper foods according to how you lose energy.

People usually talk of decline in sperm count in body when you mastrubate that is because of the ability to produce quality sperm decline when your over do it.

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