Why men stare at women ‘BOOBS’

Boobs are the most soft area of the body as it is fully made of fat, boobs are considered as the wealth of women body the amount of size determines the pleasure that men size, even though size of the boobs are doesn’t matter at the some point, but men likes to grab the boobs and squeeze them, crush them and to have them in their mouth. Men like to bury their face in the boobs.

When it comes to boobs men become a child, he would like to play with it and like to sleep on it, Some people have oral complex due to which they are more likely to get attracted towards boobs and they are interested in sucking the boobs to milk from it. Even though men grow up they like to have milk from the boobs.

Boobs are always the major sign of attraction in women’s body, in history women purposely used boobs to attract men because at some point of time men haven’t attracted towards women and they felt helpless, that is when they used their body to attract men, so that only they may get whatever they want.

When men see boobs their inner child will comes into action, it is also one of the part of repressed desire. More than the naked boobs, half closed boobs gain more attraction, as men are virtually attracted it make them to stare at it for longer time so that dopamine is secreted, so that they feel good and it also induce mood.

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