Life Lessons from Mr & Mrs Murt(h)y


I wanted to share something with you. I’m currently in an essential time of my life where I’m pursuing my career with my partner, who’s also passionate about chasing dreams. While taking a break inbetween work, I stumbled upon an interview with my favourite couple and successful entrepreneurs of India – Mr Narayana Murthy and Mrs Sudha Murthy. They’re just amazing.

Here are some interesting life lessons I learnt from Mr and Mrs Murthy’s life.

  1. Mutual Support and Respect:
    Sudha and Narayana’s relationship is characterized by mutual support and respect.
    They stood by each other through thick and thin, supporting each other’s dreams and endeavors.
    This teaches us the importance of standing by our partner and nurturing a relationship built on trust and respect.
  2. Shared Values and Goals:
    Sudha and Narayana shared common values and goals, particularly their commitment to positively impacting society.
    They both believed in giving back to the community and used their success to uplift others.
    This highlights the importance of aligning values and goals in a relationship and working together towards a shared vision.
  3. Balancing Personal and Professional Life:
    Despite their demanding careers, Sudha and Narayana managed to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.
    They prioritized their family and made time for each other amidst their busy schedules.
    This underscores the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and investing time and effort into nurturing personal relationships. Every aspiring young couple should learn this.
  4. Hard work and perseverance:
    “In the journey towards success, Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murty showcase the significance of hard work and perseverance. Starting from modest beginnings, they underline the importance of dedication and persistence in overcoming obstacles.
  5. Commitment to High standards and Values
    Narayana Murthy’s emphasis on excellence in all endeavors reflects a commitment to high standards and continuous improvement.
    Additionally, Sudha Murty’s humility and integrity serve as potent reminders of staying true to one’s values, even in the face of success and recognition.

Overall, Sudha and Narayana Murthy’s love story teaches us valuable lessons about love, partnership, resilience, and making a positive impact on the world. Their journey to success and togetherness serves as an inspiration for couples and individuals alike.

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