A new way to sleep in ‘5 minutes’

As we can see we are made up of mind and body, these two function as a whole. But scientists have separated it into different categories. But the fact is they work because of the other. Mind can be stimulated through body and body can be stimulated through brain.

And there are many findings have come around in proving it, but till now there is no exact research made on it. It can also be considered as a basic trick to sleep.

As we all know about serotonin, a hormone that secrete in our body and that is responsible for our mood, sleep, digestion etc.

This method is all about using serotonin. We have to use serotonin to get sleep. We are going to help ourself to naturally secrete the serotonin within our body. It does not involve any foreign substance or tablets etc.

We gonna physically active our body to go to sleep through mentally activating them. If we secrete serotonin, serotonin automatically helps secrete melatonin, melatonin induce sleep.

There are many ways to secrete serotonin naturally like be in light, listening to music, reading books, but the best way is to just image a situation with deep emotional part to it. Fix any particular emotion and go deep into it, just feel the emotion, it can be about lust, happiness, sad etc

The main thing you have to note here is you should not start to think, you have to be aware of that, you should just feel it, if you start to think then you not gonna sleep.

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