10 Abilities to master before you reach 25 years of age

Life will give you many experiences but based on your skills and abilities you will decide whether it is memorable or challenging

In your life if you are determined to live the life of a common man, as such as in society like education, career, marriage, retirement. There are some areas in which you should always be prepared to avoid unbearable experiences.

10 Abilities to Master

  1. Learn to Swim – It may seem so small, but to enjoy life you should know how to survive in water. Swimmers know the peacefulness of floating in the water.
  2. Learn to Drive- Knowing how to drive will help you save a lot of time, and you can also fulfil the expectations of friends, parents, and family members. 
  3. Learn to cook- Don’t expect that someone in your life will daily cook for you. The world has been changed, everyone doing job and everyone will need their space to rest. Knowing to cook will not only help you to survive and also make your loved ones feel happy. You can spread love through your cooking   
  4. learn to Be friend anyone- This is one of the most crucial thing which no one will show importance. As a human being for you to live in this space, you need people who you can trust; share your thoughts; pain; ask for help and make a family with and be with, laught with. In the inside we always look for acceptance and social connections that is how we are built. Being alone and doing everything alone won’t make you happy in the long run   
  5. Learn to make jokes or comedy- Would you like to be with someone who makes you happy, the answer will be definitely yes. We always like happiness and we all want to be happy but people think happiness comes on it own. It doesn’t happen like that. You care responsible for your own happiness. For you to be happy, you need to create your happiness. 
  6. Learn to listen- Listening may seems so easy but it takes a lot of effort to become a good listener. More than a good listener you should be a active listener. Just by listening to others, you can help others over come their problems and be mentally free. It is like a free therapy that you provide   
  7. Learn to live in the moment- 95% of the time, we will be  occupied either with past or the future because that is how we are conditioned. No one has ever thought or made us feel what it feels to be In the present and the power of present. As we live in the illusion of past and future we most of the time haven’t lived for ourself.   
  8. Learn to appreciate small things- Life is full of made of small things, everything together make this life beautiful. The effort made by a person may look small to you but for him or her it is their greatest achievement. If the efforts are not recognized the person who expect your presence may feel bad. 
  9. learn to show gratitude- The thought of happiness will bring you more happiness. The thought being angry will create more anger. The thought of having achieved many things will force you to achieve more in the future. Gratitude makes you internal self happy and it leads you to the prosperity 
  10. Learn to be alone- In life nothing is permanent, all the persons you met in your life will be buried some day. Look at life as it is. You can enjoy and cherish the time when you surrounded with people and also you be able to be in peace when you are alone.

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