I Quit my Job as an Assistant Professor

People who are very passionate about becoming an Assistant Professor, you must know why I quit my job!

First of all, I thought as an Assistant Professor our job is to teach the students. I joined the college and started to work, at a certain point in time I found the difference that a Teacher is different from an Assistant Professor.

(What I’m gonna say doesn’t apply to government colleges.)

My first day as an assistant professor was a dream come true moment, I thought I was going to make an impact in student’s life, gonna help them build a great career, help solve their problems in life, build future leaders and so on.  But what happened was unexpected, in private colleges parents hold the power.

Teaching a business

Teachers are people who are providing customer service, Parents are the Customers and Students are the products. The way how parents and management treat Teachers has been changed.

Like other businesses, running an educational institution is also a pure business. The motto of college management is to Increase the admission count year by year, once the demand is created then they will raise the college fees and they can able to see a good profit.

As the goal of Colleges is to increase the admission count, the first step in doing so is to get a good name among the public, the second step is to get all the government certifications, and the third step is to get a good ranking in the overall country.

As an assistant professor, we need to satisfy the management, parents, students and ourselves. Teaching will be considered as the least part of the college.

We can divide the college into segments.

  1. Admission segment- have to promote, counsel, and advertise the college
  2. Complete all the file works ( basically these should be completed by the office), it doesn’t end at the admission, it will keep on coming throughout the year
  3. Conduct programs as much as possible, and also make students attend the programs conducted by the other departments
  4. Make students attend other college events, seminars, cultural etc, in which the student will not be available in the college most of the time
  5. Make all the secure more than 60% and must show 100% pass

Teachers are pushed to all extents to achieve the college agenda, and most of the colleges in overall private colleges are working even after reaching home. I used to do college work in both the college and also in home even after dinner.

My recommendation will be, if you wanna becoming an Assistant professor in a college then choose the government colleges or become a guest lecturer.

Benefits of being a teacher

  1. Boost creativity
  2. Being aware of the impact on society on ourselves
  3. Living in the present
  4. Being focused
  5. Being in Control
  6. Expanding our knowledge
  7. Becoming an inspiration
  8. Breaking Career myths
  9. Rediscovering our real self
  10. Feeling Happy


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