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Many of us are already aware of this, but have we realized it? Mobiles make human beings weak both Mentally and Physically.

Like all of us, I too aware that being addicted or using mobile for a longer time is bad for us. But I’m not aware that what are all the ways in which that would affect me.

I bought a Smartphone 7 years ago. From then I kept using it every day. Because my college is far away from my place, the travelling time would take around 5 hours. In that period I kept myself entertained by watching Web series, random YouTube videos, and movies and sometimes I used to play games too. Within some period it became my habit even though I have control over my mobile, I feel bored without it, so kept using it.

As time passed by, when I thought about what I had done, I just consumed the content and forgot it on my way because I kept on consuming it and giving importance to one after another. I didn’t give a thought to what I was watching.

I replaced all many of my usages with mobile like a calculator, torch, calendar and so on. Because of this, it became mandatory to have the mobile in my hand. To add to that I started using Gpay and instead of cash, I used Gpay as it is more convenient.

One day I felt that I was depressed without any reason, during this thought I had my mobile in my hand. This led me to think that because of this mobile, I always kept my hand busy holding that phone. I haven’t used my memory, creativity, intelligence or any of my abilities when I was using this mobile. If I watch any videos on YouTube I keep that video in the loop in my mind the dialogues, the actor and the actress and give important to useless matters, because of this I even limit using my Imagination.

The problem with mobile addiction is we will be not aware that we are actually addicted. We will reason out in many ways to keep ourselves right. At the last I felt worse about myself.

As working professionals and students, most of them are travelling for a long distance to reach their respective places. In the initial stage, we may be looking through scenes outside and may admire them, but as time goes on we will start using our mobiles to ourselves entertained by watching movies, series, random YouTube videos, chatting, having a call; and scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Some of us used to play games through. Even readers too started reading through their mobile. Over a period it becomes our daily habit.

Simply saying our world has been shrunk into a small box in our hands. This small box is so easily accessible because of which whatever we do, wherever we go, we take that along with us ( even to the toilets).

We are constantly consuming content whether it is useful or needed it does not matter anymore. The smartphones have become the worst pleasure-seeking product more than food and sex.


To feel fresh and more lively, restrict mobile usage.

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