Prevent sexual crimes

It is human nature that we get attracted to the opposite gender, this attraction is the main reason for choosing our mates. Mate selection places the main role in the survival of species. Only the dominant can survive, that is how this life cycle has been built. If a species want to survive it has to be on the top.

when it comes to a human being, in comparison with animals we have no protection and physical inborn weapon. If a predator tries to attack us we try to run or fight against it. people who can fight against the enemies are seen as protectors because human females wanted protection from the enemies because they are comparatively less strong than men. They attracted stronger men for protection.

To attract men, women will show off whatever men like for that they will dress and act accordingly. This is where the attraction started. The reason men have sex is they have biological urges, drives which they want to fulfil (hormones plays a role in it).

Let’s first understand what is a sexual crime

If a sexual activity that happens against the concern of that person is considered a crime. If someone is doing something which is affecting another person and also forcing someone to act in a particular way is a crime teasing, photo moping, blackmailing, forcing sex.
As a human beings we all need sexual pleasure at a certain point it is nature, there is no wrong with it.
To prevent this we can either reduce the triggering factors, increase moral values


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