Causes of Mental Illness

We live in a society that is made up of fear.

Let’s take a moment to realize the true identity of our society and our contribution to it.

We people tend to give importance to what we fear because fear is the emotion that saves us from danger, as because of this nature humans want to avoid and prevent danger first because it is life-threatening. we always try to avoid the negative state in our life. By knowing this factor we unconsciously and also some people with intension use this factor to do what they want and what they live, they manipulate people accordingly.

Let’s see some example


  • Teachers give punishments to students if they didn’t complete the given task, here Teachers create the fear of punishment in children as because they want to avoid the punishment ( which causes them to fear) they complete the task
  • Companies sell their products by saying you are in danger, by using our product you will be safe.
  • To make the child discipline parents use threatening,, beating, scolding, conditioning
  • Students have the fear of future
  • Fear of health etc
The main reason for mental illness is fear. Fear is a life-saving emotion if it chronic then it causes disturbances in both physical and mental health.
People who are in power and authority are more likely to make others fear. In our society, there is an imbalance between power and inferiority. People with power make others more inferior so that they can survive.
Even when new people get into power or authority they too do the same. The cycle is repeating. we have to eliminate fear from our lives to have a healthy life. we should not do anything out of fear, We should do it because we actually wanted to do it.

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