Why do boys get attracted to girl’s body?

This article will provide you a proper information on men’s nature

Usually both men and women like the way how the opposite gender looks, it shows their confidence, economy, health etc. Apart from which men are mainly interested in women’s particular parts of the body, like boobs, ass. They show more concern about those areas and they enjoy having those mostly in huge sizes.

There comes a question, are only men are like that? the answer is no!, like how boys are attracted to boobs and ass, women will get attracted towards broad shoulder and chest.

Usually in the early period of life, both men and women showed more interest in passing their blood into next generation. As like how animals select the best dominant animal among them for mating, so that it could survive and also carry their bloods to the next generation. These attraction towards boobs haven’t occur suddenly when you attain puberty, it through the ages humans followed these pattern so that it is in your gene and you are also get attracted to it. Primary humans mate with each other if they like the face of each other.

But why these boobs and ass are attracting so much.. it is because it those days men chose women based on their healthy body for mating, so that those women will able to produce a healthy child. In those days getting food is rare, so women who is chubby and with fats are considered to be the best, so that that body will provide required nutrition to baby. As they chose women who are fatty, they all had big boobs and ass, that because in women’s body fats will be stored in those areas and those fat in their body gave a soft and super cool sex, men are more likely to enjoy them those who had chubby body.

Likewise the curves in the body of the women attracts the men, it also the same reason, those curves are created by extra body fats, and these fats are helpful in baby making process.

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