Things you need to know when you attain puberty

At first it will be new to everyone who attain puberty for the first time. It feels like never before and you feel some sense of excitement and unknown joy that arises within you when you start seeing your opposite gender friend.

Not everyone will attain puberty as same as you it takes time for some people, attaining puberty will be based on their nature of the body and the food they eat. Puberty is a gateway that from now you are capable of making babies. There arises a energy within you due to the secretion of hormones that are making you ready for mating.

Arise of Sexual energy

The most powerful form of energy that you will experience, At that time as you are kid you may not know how to use that energy wisely. Mainly due to this sexual energy men are get affected and move away from their desired goals and start making instant pleasure. As the hormones that secrete after puberty is mainly act as a magnet, it will create more attraction towards women because it is the basic purpose, only if men get attracted towards women he will mate with her. After puberty the sexual energy in men will start to burst like a volcano, the need for release of energy arises that is when men starts to mastrubate, watch porn, expect sex from his girlfriend, go behind girls.

The opposite gender affect him so much in many ways, the most valuable and energetic time of life will all we gone wasting behind wanting to the release of sexual energy. But the main purpose of the secretion of energy is to have sex, because in men he need energy to have sex, girls don’t need energy they just receive energy from men.

As men after are mostly visually attracted, those curves, those bumps in girls body making him moody, he starts drowning in the sexual thoughts. Mainly the sexual thoughts affect the productivity of men. Even though those boobs and ass are just part of the body, on seeing those things hormones inside him will starts to secrete, it gives pleasure and makes him feels want more, due to which many adolescent males mastrubate every day to release their sexual energy, as women’s nature is different from men they normally don’t have sexual urge frequently so it is less likely for women to understand men. when you just look from outside you just see men are sex manic, they don’t consider the feeling of women but it is totally wrong because the nature of men and women are different from each other. In a relationship mostly men will provide the needs of women- emotional needs, safety, security, love, romance but in the case of men he needs love, romance, sex. If he tries you have sex with you, you may feel like he is being with you for sex, but how about feels using men for their emotional, safety, security needs. Just the needs differ but the feelings are same.

You can identify yourself when you attain puberty with your physical factors,

You will see changes in your body, like- for men

  • Penis starts to get boner
  • Hairs starts to grow in armpits, in genitals
  • Starts grow mustache, beard
  • Change in voice

For women

  • Change in voice
  • Growth of boobs
  • Vagina enlarges
  • Hairs in genetals

But the main part is how we behave, what type of thoughts that go in our mood.

At first we starts to like everybody, we feel like we are loving everybody and we get attracted towards everything we see even age doesn’t matter at that time, everything looks beautiful mainly the opposite sex. Infaction will be in higher place.

If you are not engaged with people till puberty, then it will be difficult for you because after puberty if you starts to engage with other people you will have a sense of belonging, love needs, attraction, infatuation everything occurs it will be difficult for you to differentiate between them and find the who the real you are

Self awareness is the main thing that you need when you attain puberty, and mainly you should trust your friends or someone’s advice, at every point of time you just have to think and make sure whether it suits you or not, which one is most important and which one is not and you have to identify at which thing you gonna spend time because most people waste their time in unwanted things during puberty


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