Why you are unable to Work on Your goals

Many of the people are highly ambitious and want to achieve their greater goal.

But there is something in between your goal and you is lagging. Which is not your efforts, not your skills or abilities, not your time, not your friends or family support.

It is your Mindset and Trust

Trust the process

If you involve in any sort of goal, there will be negative side to it.

Ie. If you are starting out an YouTube channel you may feel who is going to watch my videos, it is not as perfect as videos that I used to watch

You may not put your efforts daily. You may be sick or you may be under addiction or you may be in bad mood or you may not have time. But you must never feel hopeless.

You must feel it will happen anyway. The goal you set will come to reality. Just don’t feel bad if you didn’t work on it.

If you keep on feeling bad about not working on your dreams, you tend to do that more and you will always be in that loop. Don’t worry, you will get the moment somewhere by someone in sometime and every odds will be in your favour you will get them.

If you believe in GOD, just give the blueprint of what has to be done to him. He will take care the rest.


Believe in Yourself to the core. You are the only person who is responsible for you to be alive is you. Everything happens from you and by you.

Have a Growth Mindset

Everyone in the world is born as babies. No one knows anything. Everyone learns what they are interested in and make money out of it or live out of it.

The expert that you know now was once a person who doesn’t know anything about it. It just take your efforts and will power to go for it.

Be ready to do an adventure. Adventure will never be fearful or boring.

Life is nothing but an adventure

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