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 Who is a teacher?


The teacher is someone who is willing to give his knowledge, ideas, experience, insight to someone who is eagerly waiting to receive it. The teacher has greater responsibilities in shaping the children, when the human is young as a child they need guidance and they need to be given care, considerations, attention.
The teacher should not just vomit the matter which is provided in the book, the teacher should have the ability to think and act accordingly to the situations. He should not just impose the old knowledge into the young minds, he has to be capable of upgrading the knowledge into the present situation.  Most of the teachers without knowing the reason for the teaching they dump the dead information into the children which has no future needs.
A teacher is needed because he has already seen the world, he has the experience of failure and success, knowledge of how to make it, create it etc. A teacher is needed to prevent the difficulties that he had seen, a teacher will help students to easily achieve the goal because he knows every matter in that subject.
A teacher should allow and welcome students to beat their knowledge and experience. The teacher should be someone who watering the trees and should be happy for children who is growing without limits. But the teacher’s ego prevents the students from reaching higher goals, they are not encouraged if they are clever, students are only appreciated when they obey rules. Teachers have the fear that they are the ones who should always be at the top and no one should not go beyond them if that happens it is a shame to their self-image. In protecting their self-image they are destroying students life.
A teacher should not be narrow-minded, he should be able to think of other possibilities because you cannot expect every student to travel on the same path. As because he hasn’t travelled in that path, should not say that other paths are wrong. He also should be able to realise that because something happened bad to him, he should not generalize it to students
He has to be aware of every bad thing that happens in the environment, he did not just teach the content in the book, he is capable of teaching life to students.
The teacher should be free from cultural and religious borders

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