A little thing can change your life



Nowadays people are preoccupied with their phones, pc, on the way it becomes the habit. People they themselves engaging in phone usage in the name of social media, youtube, and so on
Before the world is filled up with electronic items people invested their time in playing, doing certain tasks, spending time with friends and family, reading books, learning new skills, developing relationships, doing exercise and it all has been reduced to 50% in the recent years.
Most of the later ’20s born kids aren’t even aware of hobbies and many people made phone using as their hobbies.


The rate of being physically active is getting lesser day by day. In the early period of life people usually go for jogging, spending time with people around, make entertainment out of themselves, do something out of their interest but out it is very easy for people to get in front of the mobile and pc, these thing spoiling for health both mentally and physically, it is decreasing your creativity. when we start something out of interest and moreover when it is your hobby you can succeed in your life
Hobbies will give you mindfulness, a sense of achievement, and a healthy stressless mind

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