Elements that are killing your relationship

People love to be in a relationship unti it becomes a mess

Take any relationship for that matter. Without your efforts no relationship will sustain in a long run. Your contribution in relationship is essential.

Offcourse you know that your efforts are essential, to more it more precise let’s have it as a check list. Check it out below

10 Elements that are killing your Relationship

  1. listening- If you are not good listener then people won’t mind talking to you. In many times people just want to be listened they don’t expect anything in return. The feeling of being listened itself will give you a great feeling that you are worthy, you are enough, you are loved, someone care about you, someone is there for you
  2. Taking care of yourself- Your patner or friends or family members won’t always be interested in helping you or taking care of you. (these things happen randomly that is not a issue) They get frustrated or bored in doing things repeatedly. People are there for you so that you can enjoy the life with them
  3. EGO- There is one famous quote, We either win an argument and lose people or lose argument and win people. If you keep on going things just to satisfy your ego then people who start to bring in their ego too
  4. Keeping Your Promise or word- It is better you don’t promise anything. The words you use is of most matter, if you don’t act accordingly then you relationship will be questioned
  5. Don’t always be angry- Some people even show their love through anger. We can take Fathers for this example, that’s why many of the boys don’t have good relationship with father. There is no point in showing your moody on people who care for you. Love will be more enjoyable if it is shown in the name of love.
  6. Don’t take anyone for granted- As because you are close with that person, don’t take too much space, if you do that make sure you also give that space. Do not I’ll treat someone as because they won’t go.
  7. Show your love- The more you express your feelings the more you can enjoy them and the more it will expand. There is no point in hiding them. It is like a rich man living as a beggar. When you are in love you have lot to give, enjoy yourself in giving.
  8. Go out- Don’t just be inside four walls. Explore more. It is okay even if you are going for a coffee shop. By going out you can gather more experience.
  9. Don’t blame- Things will not go out well all the time. Whatever happens take full responsibility. If you do that people will always be with you.
  10. Don’t hide- This is the hardest point. The things that you are hiding when comes to light, the trust between you and them will break. In relationship it is very important to maintain the trust. Because everything is built on the trust.


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