Covid-19 and News channel as their agents

¬†What’s happening in this world

Covid-19 is a spreadable disease, it is dangerous, it kills life, doctors and scientist are trying to control and prevent it. People around the world are suffering because of this, many people lost their lives, many people are affected psychologically. All government taking steps to control the disease and safeguard their people.


What media is doing?

As common people, everyone will watch news channel and want to know what is happening around the world, get the required information, and be in the current update.
News channels not only interested in providing information about the world and also imposing fear in everyone. Whenever newsreader gives information about covid they will exaggerate the effects and power of covid, for about minute before getting into the news they will big exaggeration. In a 5 minutes news, the newsreader exaggerates about covid for about 3 minutes and 2 minutes only will be a piece of information. They cannot justify this, they have no proper reason to do this.
People all around the world are watching news channel, and these news channels are intentionally imposing fear on them. It is not just a fear, this fear provides great help for covid, if a person is in fear of their immune system get collapsed, it is a medically proven fact.
As the immune system gets weak then it will be easy for covid to get acquired, not only they acquire covid it also leads to many mental health issues. In common people it will start from anxiety and stress, this prolonged stress leads to depression, it causes dissociation in their regular habits, in some other people it will develop into a different form of mental disorders

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