Life’s point of view from 60 Years old man

 Life is Very Beautiful don’t waste it

I bet you, if you had the 60 years old mentality you won’t keep on wasting your time on little things like procrastinating, hesitating, avoiding, neglecting, hurting, hating.

When you are young you think you have more time left to live your life, but that is the mistake you do, you keep on saying all your life till your death.

While you are young you think that school, college, the job is life. But actually, it is not like that. Life is big, it has many things. It’s just a small circle that we are living in. We make ourselves happy in that circle. To know what is life, we need to go move out of that circle. The sad thing is many people born and die within that circle itself.

You can dedicate yourself to a particular cause, also remember that even that task has time. Because your life is based on time. People always say be in the moment but it needs a lot of courage to do that. Whatever happen just face it, don’t run or don’t hide. Keep aside all your negative feelings. You are given with certain time limit in this world, if you didn’t spend that time as your wish then what is the point of life that is given to you. Whatever situation you have, whatever the stage that you are in you always have the option how to live your life just go for it.

If you know how you spend your time you will be amazed


Age 3-4 to 18- 20 = you will be doing your formal education, where you can have your friends, in that you will be in the control of your parents, teachers, other some elders etc. It is the time that you are getting to know what is life. You will be doing your homework, reading for exams, doing projects etc

Age 60 and above = You are comparatively not more energetic than other parts of your life, as you grow older you feel like taking rest and spend the rest of your life in peace. when you grow older you will come under the minority people who is not that much cared of. People are least spoken about the emptiness that older people feel, when people get older they are left alone. Then your companion will be your god as no people are left to spend time with.

On average we sleep 6-8 hours a day

In between you do marriage, kids.. responsibility, you will be focused on taking care of your children. also some days you get sick, some commitments will be there.


So you yourself calculate that what time that you are left with. Each and every moment is to celebrate if you don’t do that you will regret that in your later part of life, so don’t be the person who regrets it, just enjoy each and every moment. Do something which makes you feel good.

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