Do you suffer from sexual thoughts

It is normal to have sexual thoughts, it is usually higher in males than females, these sexual thoughts creates more urge to have sex. It is healthy to have sexual thoughts but you may feel it disturbing as because it may affect your productivity. Usually men at the age of 18-28 will have sex thoughts which will be roaming around your head. If you are a married man or you have girlfriend whom you can have sex then it will be no problem for you.

People who are mainly affected by sexual thoughts are, people who cannot able to have sex as because they don’t have any relationship and also people who don’t mastrubate.

When the sexual energy is released from your body, you will feel good and will give pleasure and pleasant feeling. Those sexual thoughts will be reduced and you will have good memories of your sex.

Usually in time people will recommend you to have self discipline, but it is not easy as it hear. It need more practice and patient and it may look difficult for you.

If you understand the men’s nature then you can easily cope up with it. Men are very dedicated if they engage in a particular thing which they like. The first thing is to engage in something like that. when you focus on a particular thing you will have thoughts real related to that matter but for that you have to be full focused to accomplish that goal.First of all,

First of all,

  • you have to set a goal
  • Make note of your progress
  • Have yourself any reward for achieving
  • Make a list of things that you have finished
  • Stay away from porn
  • Avoid watching sexual content movies
  • Avoid seeing the pictures of hot girls
  • Detoxify yourself by doing meditation
  • Gain tolerance in your sexual thoughts

Meet with people, talk with your friends about your problem then your problem will look small so that you will feel good.

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