Fault with the system

In the name of justice, we keep on doing crimes and we frame that crime as good so that we won’t feel guilty about it. To prevent crimes we should realize the truth. With the current justice system, we keep on involving in the worst things.


As you people may have heard
If you had 100$ dollars in which if you have lost 1$, will you spend the rest 99$ for searching that one dollar? If you do so it is stupidity.

No one cannot compensate for what has happened in the past, but we can better do something good. Doing a bad crime against a crime is not the answer.

Let’s go far away and see, if a child bullies another child what will we do?


  • We teach the bully that what he was doing is wrong
  • We condition the bully, not to any bullying in the future
  • We teach coping up strategies to people who are getting bullied

First, we understand, why a child engage in bullying

the very child is good what makes them act in a particular way is determined by what had happened to them in the past, lack of love, unfulfilled needs. A child’s behaviour is mainly determined by their surroundings of what they go through. The right way to handle that child is by taking care o that child, helping that child to establish his/her needs. By finding out the lacking part of that child, we can solve the undesirable behaviour.
When a child does something bad, we forgive that child because we think they are just children they don’t know many things about the world, because of unawareness; lack of knowledge; lack of empathy towards others they have acted in a particular manner.
Between a child and a grown, many things would change but the concept is the same
The reason for acting in a particular manner is the same for both grown-up and children. They should not be punished for doing that, they have to be taught. without teaching something good no better will happen. Giving punishments conditions the person not to engage in bad activities, but it won’t prevent it. If he/she gets more willpower and the right situation then they will again engage in that activity.

Punishment is not the solution

punishment forms the hatred against the person who is giving them. This hatred will again manifest in some other way. It will go in a cycle it will not end.
The justice that the government is following is total bullshit. If a person kills someone, he gets punished or is given a death sentence. It is simply revenge. Killing one life for another life is making your ego satisfy. Killing someone for any reason is injustice and madness. If you pass an act against that it won’t come under good thing. Still many of them are believing that the law decides which is correct and which is wrong, it is not like that. What if government pass a law that robbery is not a crime? then people start to commit crimes.

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