What is Covid-19

According to the allopathy medicine system, we can describe corona as a very dangerous and most terrific disease that is killing people, we can say many things about it.


Let’s see some common questions about covid

1) who invented covid?

Ans: Allopathy

2) who is the brand ambassador of covid?

Ans: Offcourse allopathy system, media,

3)Who is the medical mafia?

Ans: Allopathy

4) Why allopathy promoting covid?

Ans: So that they can gain trust from people so that patients won’t keep shifting to other medicine systems

5) Why allopathy don’t want their patients to go to other medicine systems?

Ans: Because they have invested in medical hospitals, pharmacology, lab equipment. If people shift to other medicine systems then how can they sell their product?

6) Why this Covid?

To get people’s trust. People are still falling for allopathy is because they have gained people’s trust that is why a lot of people just hearing to whatever allopathy says

7) What if you talk against covid?

Ans: If anyone talks against covid they will be considered criminals because allopathy doesn’t want others to leak their secret. Allopathy takes legal actions so that others won’t think of speaking the truth against them. As because I’m writing against covid this can be deleted whenever or even they can put the case on me for writing this truth

8) Why still people are going to allopathy?

Ans: Because it creates a good feeling in patients, patients felt that they are being treated and getting cured, allopathy is the only medical system that has very huge manpower because it can afford that, why because most of the hospitals are owned by corporates.

9) What is allopathy?

Ans: A great business industry

10) Is that everything really bad with allopathy?

Ans: I’m not generalizing here, some things can be only done by allopathy which other medical system cannot, like doing operations if it is really needed, surgery, transplantations etc.

11) How covid is spreading?

Ans: Spreading mainly by the fear they have induced through media, they purposefully targetted people’s emotions and playing with them. If you are a psychologist or psychiatrist you can know about this, inducing fear in someone will affect them physiologically, results in weakening of the immune system. To better understand this I will give an example

Eg: Let’s assume you got fallen into the lion cage, you are with no protection. Lion is standing opposite to you with an angry face, now what happens to you? Your heartbeat rises, you will start sweating, you start to tremble. If the condition goes on for some moment you will faint automatically, this indicates that if you fear, your biology system reacts to that, your hormones do changes in secreting, enzymes produced in the body gets affected. These changes will make you feel weak mentally and physically

12) Let’s have a challenge

Ans: Get a physically healthy individual and make him watch the news channels for 16 hrs per day repeatedly for 1 month, the end result will be like the person is covid positive

13) Wait a minute

Ans: Allopathy is saying that people with a good immune system will not get easily affected by covid, even though if they are affected, they can be cured easily if that is so why they are interested so much in inducing fear in people and making them weak?

14) Why people with real knowledge about covid are not volunteering themselves to speak against it?

Ans: Because it a very great mafia if you haven’t think of, allopathy is over every country that they are very very very big, they can do whatever against the person ( who speak badly about them), every government will support them it is because they get a commission from the allopathy.

15) what if another medicine system comes to take the lead?

Ans: They will create bad reputations, criticize them badly, kill people’s trust in that system. It can be controversial because if allopathy does criticize others is bad, others criticizing about allopathy is good? how come? It is because the game should be fair opponents who fight each other should be of equal power, but in the present world, allopathy is being dominant over every other medical system.

Allopathy got famous only after the world war, till then other medicine systems were saving the life after allopathy came into existence it is the one who is so dominant till now. They will take many measures to sustain their dominance

Government is in the control of allopathy, whatever the allopathy says the government will follow it. Government is like a puppet in the hands of allopathy. It is really not a joke, it’s true

Medical association is asking 1000Crore from Baba Ramdev for speaking remark against allopathy, this is the reason that people are keeping their mouth shut because as like baba Ramdev everyone cannot afford to pay 1000cr.

Request to allopathy medical association, if you find this post damaging your reputation, please demand compensation that I canĀ  afford to pay like 100 Rupees, 200 Rupees

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