Rediscovering My Authentic Self

Embracing Challenges in My Youth

  • Starting with Enthusiasm: As a curious child, I eagerly embraced challenges.
    I constantly explored and sought to learn more, guided by my ambition.

Transitioning to College: A Shift in Habits

  • Adapting to Changes: Once in college, my routine took a turn. I lost some organization but stayed informed about current events and fields of interest. Nevertheless, I managed to keep my dorm life productive.

Entering the Workforce: The Reality of Teaching

  • Facing Realities: In my first teaching role, I encountered hardships. Feeling down became common, but then I took time for self-reflection. I realized poor habits had crept in, like neglecting self-care and overusing my phone.
  • Seeking Distractions: To cope, I turned to binge-watching shows, which only made time management harder. Despite this, I performed well and earned my students’ respect. Yet, I felt I wasn’t achieving my full potential. I knew I needed to find my true passion.

Listening to My Inner Voice: Committing to Growth

  • Choosing Change: Eventually, I decided to quit my job, move out of the hostel, and return home. I began to evaluate my life and created a structured daily routine. After a week, this new routine became second nature.

Establishing a New Routine: Daily Improvement

  • Building a New Life: Now, I wake up at 6 am, engage in a workout, practice meditation, tidy my space, take a shower, and enjoy a healthy breakfast. I then dedicate time to studying for an exam, as well as reading and writing, which enhances my personal development.

Reflecting on My Transformation: A New Chapter

  • Recognizing My Progress: For many, these changes might seem mundane, but for me, they represent a significant shift. This new routine marks the start of a life where I stay focused and work hard towards my goals, a testament to the progress I’ve made.

An upcoming blog will include the things that you should not do during the process.

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