Let’s live- live in the present

When is the last time you admired the sky? When is the last time you took a time and watched the birds fly and felt happy about it?

Have you ever felt greateful for the family that you got?

Have you ever done those?

In the modern society we are missing out many things. The basic reason for our job or making money is to live happy and be free. But we are carrying everything everywhere.

It is not just for the working professionals, what I’m saying is for everyone.

Either we get preoccupied buy oru work or goal or purpose or our emotions.

Most of the people fall under being preoccupied by their own emotions. We have seen beautiful past and not sure whether those will happen in the future so some of the people keep on living those memories.

Some people imagine being in a very good family, car, house etc. Nothing wrong in doing so. But they doesn’t appreciate what they got so far. They keep on cursing the present situation that they are in which makes it different for them to live in peace.

I used to live in fantasy world. Building my own stories. Where I will be the hero and story revolves around me.


  1. Being the world’s Powerful person and handling global issues 
  2. Becoming IPS and handling theft cases
  3. Being the father of 7 children’s and spending time with them
  4. Having a partner from different country and spending the holidays with her in multiple countries
  5. Providing food to all over the people in the world.
  6. Abolishing begger throughout the world
  7. Making Basic needs like food and water available to everyone.

This is called Mental illusion, it may sound good. But if you spend more time in these stuffs you will get addicted and more you want to imagine all those stuffs which in long term you will lose all your valuable time


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