Procrastination video on YouTube won’t help You, here is the reason

I’m a great procrastinator and for the past 5 years, I have been procrastinating very thing in my life. I will not just procrastinate productive works and also daily routine, also activities which would interest me to do it.


I have tried a lot of Youtube videos thinking that any one of them will help me, many YouTubers said many different ways not to procrastinate, tips, tricks to avoid procrastination after seeing those videos for 1 or 2 days I follow those and then I would automatically stop doing those. I feel very lazy to follow those and after that, I even started procrastinating watching procrastination videos.

Then I started to watch motivational videos to boost myself up, watching videos comes under extrinsic motivation, these extrinsic motivations won’t last long, within a day after going to some other activities I lost that motivation.

There is the main reason why people procrastinate is that as they wanted to do the task perfectly, they don’t do it at all, they keep on procrastinating, it can easily be solved by just get started and avoid being idealistic perfection which is there in you.

But what about people who are not a perfectionist and still don’t do any work because of procrastination?

It can be solved, only if we make up our mind. People who are procrastinating have accepted their procrastination and get habituated to their unproductive life.
We can solve this problem by simply changing our mindset and develop a productive approach to ourselves. We can even persuade ourself to do the task which we feel boring.
Another thing why we procrastinate is that we are not taking our goal seriously, we do the same task with full force if we are near to the deadline. we can clearly see that we are allowing ourselves to be lazy and be unproductive. We can either form love towards what we want to do ( i will boost you to work for better)

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