Why we are still living in old education system

As years passed, everything around us got changed from the gadgets we use, vehicles, domestic items, the dress we wear everything got upgraded, evolved.

The education system which is the main reason for all those changes has till not changed, it is the same as before 200 years ago, in some well-developed areas there as smart classes ( just implanted the digital mode of studying)


If people are able to change everything around them, why they cannot change the primary area of knowledge development. No government or any other private schools haven’t taken any effort to change the present condition of the schooling system.

If changes happen in schools then will be a great revolution in the world, but schools are just working for imposing structured knowledge into the fresh minds and they are made to be a slave for government or any other big companies. The colleges and schools make students learn the particular subject which the current system needs people to work. There are chemical factories, airport, medical industry, police force etc, etc, these systems need people to work for them so they have taken that subject material into school kids, those kids without knowingly get desired by those jobs, so in future they themselves makeup to work in certain companies as an employee.

This education at ease teaches no one how to become an entrepreneur or to be a self-explorative scientist, the education system that we are living in producing employers for the companies that exist.

The teachers who teach children have no power they just have to teach what is given to them as a portion and they won’t take the risk to do more. Because they are the employes or servants of the government or entrepreneur those who won’t allow being higher place, because of the fear of that no one should not take their place.

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