Ways by which Humans are taken down by other humans

Everyone in this present situation uses fear to control another human being, it not happens outside our inner circle but also happens in our primary circles. Humans preventing humans to grow, it is their ego preventing them to do. The Ego of always has to be in the higher place, if someone has to be in the higher place he needs others to be below them, so that person intentionally keeps others always down. It is done through using fear, let’s see how it is done


Parents impose religion and culture on their children

Parents with their know knowledge, they impose what has been imposed on them, they don’t take time to think about what has been happened to them, they will simply pass everything their next generation without even thinking about it.

What would religious people say about their religion? they say religion is made of love, love is religion, if it so why they have to make people fear of god. These people think that and also make others think that fear in god prevents crimes and unwanted activities. If someone is purely in love they won’t actually hurt others or do bad activities. Instead, fear is imposed on the minds of people and be in the fear and guilt if they have done something bad according to their culture.

If something is bad in one culture it will not be the same as in another culture, from culture to culture morality changes. In some culture sex before marriage is a crime and it’s unpure but in another culture, it does not matter at all. Many young generations suffer because of the idiotic cultural ideology that is being followed, it is all one of the reasons that people shift from one place to another after they grow up. Culture is imposing something which is followed by some people long back ago. This culture will create a scheme In people’s mind and they think accordingly, they never come off that box, even if they suffer because of that, they are practised to accept that

If the children don’t follow the religion or culture parents punish them, due to compulsion children’s who are just step into the world, who are dependent on the parents has no way to reject what parents say, and at last, they are forced to accept it.


 Teachers and their discipline

Teachers plays a main role in here. children’s spend most of their time in school, in which they have to be disciple and should follow all the rules. In formal education not only children’s creativity is wasted and also they made into brick. This education system impose rules, children do not know why they are following it, if they ask questions their questions are not answered because people who are imposing rules even don’t know about that.
In schools, children’s are forced to learn, just some kids like what they learn, even those students don’t like all the subjects. They are pushed and forced to take better grades and mark. They were not given opportunity to show their strength area. Every school will have sports, culturals, art, and some more. but there are lot more area that students are interested and have expertise in it.
It is great shame that, even after hundreds of years have been passed we still following the same pattern of education system.
Discpline have to come from inside, it should be forced. If discipline is forced then it would create robots not disciplined students. students are not given choices, they are forced to follow
The practice of asking question is killed in students, after that how we can expect them to question if some thing bad in the society happens.

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