‘Sex’ is not the ultimate pleasure for women

we all know women can have multiple orgasm, when compare with men can have only one. Even though the amount of pleasure she receives from sex is huge but it is not the whole part.

When men think of pleasure he will fantasize having sex with many women, living the luxury life with a women at the side for sex, what ever you do, men will always have sex in their bucket list because it is that much important for him. Sex help him to release from his body and feel good, during sex his hormones get energized and makes him want it more. so men always consider sex as a important thing.

Even though women enjoy sex apart from which she is interested in so many other things. Women always think of their future so the future related and achievement related activities make her happy and excite her. women will enjoy more when their emotional, safety and security needs are fulfilled than the sex. For women their emotional need is their priority. only if they are emotionally fulfilled they themselves will act to have sex

Women use sex to get loveMen use love to get sex this famous saying will say the nature of men and women

If you are women who is reading this now, give your boyfriend or husband a great sex they will never leave and they will always wants you. It is the nature of the men.

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