Social media impact on our BRAIN

I have been using Social media for about 7 years, at first, it was of great use, but after some time out of compulsion I was using it

The rise of Social Media

Because of the digital revolution, each and everyone started using smartphones. Smartphones are handy and very easy to use.

So we kept using it day and night to play games, to watch videos, to make calls, to use the torch, to use the calculator and much more.

With the arrival of WhatsApp people felt messaging more comfortable than calling. Step by step Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube became a part of our life.

When I wake up the first thing that I do is check my WhatsApp, after that, I check for messages on Instagram and watch the status in WhatsApp and stories on Instagram.

If the content is over then I will shift to Instagram Explore or YouTube there I don’t have to make any effort to watch the content.

Because of the Algorithm, I will get what I want within some time. So far it is very hard to keep my mobile aside.

Because of Social media many of them are under mobile addiction, the sad part is people are not even aware that they are addicted.

If you are using social media purposefully then it is good to use it, but to check out other people, stalking, and using it just for the boredom will make you sick.

Shocking moment

There was a person in my workplace. We were discussing something suddenly the topic of mobile phone usage came into our content so we started checking everyone’s mobile, in the digital well-being I found a thing that was so shocking and it is logically not even possible.

In her mobile-digital well-being, the mobile phone usage hours show 24 hours of usage. The major used app were Instagram and WhatsApp, even while charging she used her mobile. This shows social media addiction can take you to any far.






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